FAA CRS# J6ZR311Y       EASA 145.6189

Alpha-Tech was developed from Conkorde Aircraft Services, Inc., a well known maintenance organization that has a very successful and respected track record in the Industry to date, and has been successfully established in Chicago’s ORD/MDW since 1991 and is FAR 145 and EASA 145 approved Repair Station.

In an effort to broaden and grow their success, these professional team members have taken on this vision under the fresh new name of “Alpha-Tech Aviation Services, Inc.” and successfully continued to provide superior service to their active Customers of Chicago’s ORD/MDW, but now have also expanded their services to effectively stretch their main base of operations to include Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas presently. Due to the unsurpassed success proven over the last 26 years of operation, expansion is underway, and plans are in affect to establish our presence across the U.S.A. and the world at key locations to continue our teams desire to succeed and grow to levels far exceeding the competition, by providing the highest levels of safety, confidence, commitment, satisfaction and professionalism known in the industry and experienced by new clients along the way. Our methods used, continue to generate an ever growing repeat customer base that provides us the confidence and reassurance that Alpha-Tech Aviation Services, Inc. is here to stay.

Alpha-Tech Aviation Services, Inc. is fully insured and in active compliance with all standard Drug and Alcohol Testing programs and methods used in the industry. This ensures the outmost confidence in our staff, and provides us with a means to ensure that professionalism and customer safety can be counted on and ready at any time to support our client’s needs under any given situation that may arise. We know that our staff in the field is always able to perform their required task to their peak potential at all times.

PH: 847-233-9180 FAX: 847-233-9181

4233 United Parkway Schiller Park IL 60176